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A very modest HTML5 / CSS3 website.

This simple site is a little project of mine to learn a little about creating a website using HTML5 and CSS3 alone. I've previously experimented with systems like 'Wordpress' which are very good but always left me feeling somewhat out of control of exactly how a site appears (call me fussy).

By going back to the basics of using a text editor to create HTML and CSS files I feel that I learn more and feel more able to make any adjustment of font size or colour or text borders or whatever is desired.

Street Musician, Morocco.

All the files that comprise this site can be downloaded from the 'Download' page. Hopefully they may be of use to others trying to learn something of website building. I've added some notes to these files to help with understanding how they work. Please feel free to experiment with these files and use them as you see fit.

This site uses only HTML and CSS - no Javascript, Jquery, PHP etc.

I may create another, slightly more advanced version soon using Jquery to provide an attractive and more sophisticated 'dropdown' menu system and including some graphics.

I've validated the site with the W3C Markup validation service (validator.w3.org) and it seems to checkout O.K.

The CSS also validates OK as CSS level 3.

Valid CSS!

Eddie B.